Text Formatting

<P> </P>
Normally text is contained within paragraphs. The HTML tags to designate a paragraph are <P> </P>. A paragraph has the optional attribute of align="left, center or right". When a paragraph ends it adds one blank line for spacing.
The break tag is used to force a carriage return. As HTML normally ignores carriage returns within a document, you must use the break tag to insert one. There is no closing tag because the one tag performs a complete action. The break tag has one optional attribute:
  • CLEAR= (left, right or all) This is used with images. A <BR CLEAR="LEFT"> will move the next line of text down until the left margin is "clear" of an image. "Right" does the same for right, and all will check both margins. This will be covered more in later sections.

<B> </B>
The bold tag is used to designate text that you want to appear bold. <B>Any text within the tags will be effected.</B>
<I> </I>
<I>Italics</I> are used just like the bold tag.
<U> </U>
<U>Underlined text</U> is used like bold and italics. Because links are normally underlined, you might want to be careful with the use of this tag.
<STRONG>Strong is used</STRONG> when you want text to stand out. It will usually result in bold text.
<EM> </EM>
<EM>Emphasis</EM> will usually result in italics. The strong and emphasis tags are newer tags, designed to replace bold and italics and different browsers may display them differently. Personally I prefer to still use bold and italics so I know what the browser will display.
The font tag allows lots of control over how text is displayed. The font tag carries a number of optional attributes:
  • SIZE= by default text is displayed with a font size of 3, by using the size attribute you can add or subtract from that size. The maximum size is 7 so +1 looks like this, -1 like this and +3 is getting big.
  • COLOR= can be used to set the color of the text.
  • FACE= is used to set the typeface of the font. The only restriction here is that for a person to view it correctly, they also have to have that font installed on their system.

<TT> </TT>
The Teletype tag is useful if you need a fixed width font.