More Lists

<DL> </DL>
The definition list is what you are looking at right now. It has two tags that are enclosed in the <DL></DL> tags. <DT> is the definition term tag, and is left justified. The <DD> tag is for definition data, and is indented. The tags listed on this page are Definition Terms, whereas this paragraph is the Definition Data. The correct layout for the tags is:
<DT> Your definition term.
<DD> The definition data goes here.

The menu tag is an older tag that will present a list of items just like an Unordered list. Each item in the list must start with the <LI> tag.

Try it !

Below I have given you the start and finish to a Web page, I would like you to use the middle to create a list. The type of list is up to you.

<TITLE>Lists, Lists, Lists</TITLE>


Simply close the new window to return here.

<LI> This is item one
<LI> Item number two
<LI> Third time's the charm