Hello, this is Cyber School on the Hypertext Markup Language. This course will not only teach you how to design pages for the Internet, but if you are using a JavaScript enabled browser, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator you can try out the lessons as we go along.

The course doesn't have to be completed in one session, the pages are designed so that you can bookmark where you left off and return at any time. You can also use the course as an HTML refresher at any time. This tutorial is entertaining as well as educational and has included some characters to help you along your way.

This image will lead you to some helpful hints on how to make your HTML programming easier.
The professor can give you some more information on technical aspects.
Whenever you see this guy, you are encouraged to test what you've learned so far.
This will give you advanced notice of some troubles you may encounter. Like the fact that you need a JavaScript enabled browser to use the examples in the course. Non-JavaScript browsers can still view the tutorial, it just won't be interactive.